Discreet, smart, and you can commonly known, Erwin is an able frontrunner

Erwin Smith ( ?????????  Eruvin Sumisu ? ) is brand new 13th leader ( ??  Dancho ? ) of Questionnaire Corps. While he cared significantly to possess their boys, the guy didn’t think twice to lose him or her towards a great and you can success of humankind, and his guys ended up more than willing so you’re able to share its life within their purchase. Throughout the Erwin’s career he developed the Long-Range Challenger Scouting Creation, and you may because of uncertainty throughout the their coming, the guy later named Hange Zoe due to the fact his successor. [5]

Physical appearance

Erwin got a ruling exposure, condition extreme significantly more than very people in new Questionnaire Corps, along with a very muscle build with his blonde locks kept nicely parted into the kept front side.

Erwin constantly used a peaceful and you will accumulated expression toward his deal with, along with his icy blue eyes getting one of is own really hitting keeps. Their eye brows were also somewhat noticeable, are really thick and you will bushy.

Erwin typically sporting the product quality army consistent, donning brand new Survey Corps’ signature eco-friendly cape when into objectives. The guy together with used a tiny, amber bolo link as much as their shoulder just like the most other armed forces commanders, Nile Dok and Mark Pixis.

Adopting the 2nd appearance of the Armored Titan, Erwin shed his best sleeve following next their neck since it was bitten of from the a beneficial Titan. [6]


Erwin is actually a complicated character, portrayed because serious, figuring, and always think much down the road. As he top their males, he was the first one to know that discover an effective spy curbing the fresh new Survey Corps, and was able to developed a good standards so you’re able to decide which regarding their soldiers to think with necessary information, and you will which to keep at nighttime. A keen eloquent presenter, Erwin managed to move people, for instance the armed forces tribunal kept to judge Eren while the students towards choosing which employment branches to become listed on.

Erwin are commonly thought to be a very grim private. The guy accepted every development, a great otherwise crappy, mockery or supplement, with the exact same stoic ideas. His holy grail try for humanity so you can once more rise up and stay the fresh dominating variety across the Titans, a target he had been happy to lose anything having, such as for instance whenever ordering men and women to save Eren even with becoming trapped on oral cavity from a great Titan, evoking the loss of their proper case. [6]

He common this specific stoic high quality having males such as for example Garrison Commander Dot Pixis, team commander Ian Dietrich, and Leader-in-Captain Darius Zackly. While the Armin Arlert put it, Erwin, such as the the latter three males, were able to posting his boys so you can die whether or not it perform next the main cause of humanity. He plus they do compromise their humanity so you can bring switch to a scene in which individuals who you should never compromise something vital that you her or him cannot transform anything. Because he was able to make such as for instance commitments, he was a king strategist, revealed many times through strategies like capturing the female Titan and you will leading a group of Titans to help you distract the brand new Armored Titan so the fresh new armed forces will save Eren.

But not, behind their front out of assurance and you will single-oriented determination, Erwin nevertheless kept his personal individual ideals and expected his or her own reasons. Pursuing the rebellion, he acknowledge the guy understood his audacious procedures and you will asked constantly when the just what he had been creating is actually just the right topic. [7] Darius Zackly and you may Dot Pixis was basically together with privy to so it, having Zackly hypothesizing one Erwin did not it is value humanity’s desires, [8] and you can Pixis publicly accusing Erwin from compassionate a lot more about his very own lifestyle versus endurance out of humankind total. [9]