Nu-13’s structure is wholly according to research by the Mecha Musume design, a routine theme including ‘humanizing’ computers otherwise inanimate things

In the example of Nu, hers is dependent on swords. When not within the competition, she looks like an early girl having drowned red-colored eyes and you will long silver hair tied on the a hot or not review beneficial braid stored together with her because of the good solitary blade. She wears a bright jumpsuit and an extended flowing cape with red-coloured recording seals attached to the end. She wears a miraculous power regulator eyepatch on her behalf right vision and you may she actually is barefoot with blue nail enamel towards the both hands and you will foot. Inside BlazBlue: Phase-shift 4, this lady told you right vision is revealed to get having black colored sclera, assuming revealed, emanates blue vein scratches one slowly take over her right-side.

When and when competition position, she would wear advanced sword-styled armour with some 7 disembodied knives that drift behind her inside a wing-such as formation. She today would wear a beneficial visor with one eye and you may horns towards the bottom.

Mobile nu

Inside BlazBlue: Disaster Lead to, Noel Vermillion just after spotted an effective “younger” form of Nu. She used a blue dress and had lengthier, gold locks, resembling Noel privately. It variation is additionally seen whenever Nu is actually affected by Amane’s Astral Temperature, but she’s got the lady eyepatch inside affair.

Finally off BlazBlue: Centralfiction, Nu wears a through-light top, she no longer wears an eyepatch however, has actually bandages on her behalf best eyes rather.


Nu are demonstrated to possess a torn character; one that is an enthusiastic emotionless lady you to definitely follows orders without a doubt and the almost every other because the an effective yandere who is in love with Ragna the latest Bloodedge.

Being a prime Job, Nu’s ideas was basically close away, are nothing more than an enthusiastic emotionless machine which eliminates anyone that blocks her coding otherwise whomever she identifies as aggressive. She are in the first place developed in order to cancel someone she deems hostile you to definitely showed up nearby the Door. When speaking with anyone that isn’t really or does not mention Ragna, she talks such as for instance a host or in an emotionless tone and you can is only wanting this lady commands.

Whenever to, reading regarding the otherwise thinking about Ragna additionally, her identity change to somebody who is totally infatuated that have your. Within her notice, Nu must have Ragna so you can herself, and you can anybody who gets in the girl means need pass away, thus to make the girl an obsessive yandere rather than an possessive you to definitely (possessive yanderes usually eliminate the like focus to cease shedding them to anyone else). Nu’s fascination with Ragna even offers considering this lady the new practice of by using the extremely sexual innuendo out from the whole throw within the brand new BlazBlue collection. This especially the circumstances when doing Ragna, due to the fact this woman is always offering him an effective “naughty” smile when using innuendo around him. Yet not, what makes Nu dissimilar to traditional yanderes is the fact if you are she transform so you can someone who is actually like with Ragna, she doesn’t invariably have good “deredere” side to the lady identification as the she however sometimes state black and you may artwork what to others that will still operate emotionless actually within the Ragna’s visibility.

It unrequited like is due to another type of interpretation away from what nothing from Saya’s recollections out-of Ragna she and also just like the a primary consequence of being a duplicate out of his sibling, and therefore progressed into a romantic passion as well as the faith that they was indeed bound to end up being bound together with her from the fate. But not, Nu has actually another type of interpretation out of proving passion to Ragna, which involves “killing” each other, knowing that none herself neither Ragna cannot forever remain deceased owed into Existence Hook they share. This is because Ragna got missing two of Nu’s prior undeveloped authorities previously before the occurrences from Disaster Cause and this were unable to react not to mention talk. So it provided her the impression one to “killing” each other is the greatest and just way to inform you love so you can Ragna and is also therefore proven fact that despite enjoying Ragna a great deal, she can nonetheless fight your in a rather raw style when they practice race.